In Taylored Solutions latest blog we look at some issues that cause businesses to choose an outsourced IT support company to watch over their systems and technology.

Each company will naturally have its own reasons for outsourcing IT, but we look at the main issues based on customers who have taken a contract with Taylored Solutions for quality IT support in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Cost Savings

One area that always seems to be first on the agenda is cost savings. With internal IT departments becoming inherently more expensive to operate, costs have to be factored.

We can calculate these costs against time saved in solving a problem, losses attributed to system downtime, along with disgruntled customers caused by IT failures or system process failings.

Some costs from a loss of customer confidence are difficult to quantify.

Data Backup Issues (i.e., it’s not done)

An essential and vital part of any businesses online systems and CRM is to make sure that everything is backed up. So many small to medium-size businesses simply do not do it at all or not regularly enough.

This is where an outsourced IT Support contract can literally “save your business”.

Imagine what life would be like in the office if you lost all of your records and data? “Catastrophic” we would envisage.

Data loss is not just down to failing systems. What if a natural disaster hits your location or what if human error comes into play and they make a mistake?

Would you want all your company’s data lost forever?

Poor Network Security

No matter what size your business is, having a secure network is vital in today’s online society. It’s hard to keep up with the latest threats, as well as ever changing legislation, that’s why outsourcing your IT is a smart move.

With cybersecurity you have to be proactive, and many customers who come to Taylored Solutions simply do not have the time to constantly monitor systems or they may lack the internal skill set.

Poor network security can also cause other network issues that will slow down the performance of your employees or fail to deliver crucial customer service.

It is often high on the priorities list for our customers and knowing we are there 24/7 monitoring their systems means they can focus on the day to day running of their business.

Hardware And Software Updates

No matter how advanced the hardware is, it has a lifespan. If your software goes down, then it’s unlikely that just doing a reboot will solve the problem (certainly not long term)

Hardware and software failure can cause significant losses to businesses, both in financial terms and in delivering services or products to customers on time and to meet their requirements.

Having specialist IT support like Taylored Solutions available 24/7 means that many crises can be averted and downtime dramatically reduced. Our support teams are always up to date with the latest technology and will apply their experience to your systems by ensuring updates are implemented.

And Finally

There are of course many other reasons so many businesses outsource their IT support, and we may touch on some more in a later blog.

The mantra is simple, protect your systems and data, make sure staff productivity is unaffected by IT issues.

For premium quality IT support across Belfast and Northern Ireland, choose Taylored Solutions, with complete confidence.