In June this year, public consultation documents will be submitted, outline Northern Ireland’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and the strategies they will be looking to implement that they believe will deliver the goals set out in the public consultation.

Like any business (And governments are businesses) that are looking at cheaper energy costs that will also reduce emissions and meet the main target plan of generating 70% of Northern Ireland’s electricity from renewable sources by the year 2030.

At Taylored Solutions we understand how much of a benefit reducing energy costs can be to homes and business and we covered some ways to achieve this in one of our previous blogs 5 tips for keeping energy costs down.

If renewable energy sources can also reduce costs, then every business and home in Northern Ireland will be a winner

In this blog we look in  little more detail at the plans and what they could mean for us all.

Plan Details

The ideas centre around the reduction of carbon emissions from businesses, transport, power industry and homes. As we all know Northern Ireland is far too reliant on diminishing stocks of fossil fuels.

More renewables will inevitably lead to greater efficiency, but who will cover the initial investment costs? SONI which is the operator of NI’s electricity network has put four options on the table for doubling the amount of renewable power on the grid, inc attracting businesses to locate closer to renewable sources and concentrating renewable sources at grid strong points.

But it is likely that some of the initial investment will be reflected in consumers bills.

This is why it’s so important for businesses to look at reducing energy costs and saving money by fiscal management of their energy provider situation.

We are already busy saving customers significant costs on their energy bills by connecting them with the right energy supply partners for gas and electricity, and it looks like demand for our Tayloured Solutions energy services will likely increase.

Consultation Plan Timelines

The plan is a major part of the  Economy Department’s Energy Strategy on future energy policy.

Once the public have had their say, the department will measure those responses and refine the policy details to deliver the desired cuts in carbon emissions.

The target date of 2030 for NI to be using 70% renewable energy sources to produce itgs power requirements is firmly set.

Part of that timelines includes the further expansion of electric vehicles, so for business if your future sales or engineering workforce will be using electric vehicles which recharge back at base.

There has never been a better time to review your energy provider and the costs of electricity and gas.

The Wrap

It’s good news for the environment and for everyone in the long term, but there will be some investment costs that will need to be covered.

So make sure you’re getting the right deal for your gas and electricity. Taylored Solutions liaise directly with suppliers to source packages that suit your requirements and budget.

Use our service to save time, money and energy.