Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

It’s been a long-standing debate for some while and much has been written about the subject.

As technology continues to advance at a staggering pace, demands on in-house IT staff grow, as do the needs of businesses for support as they embrace new technology in the office and manufacturing.

This can lead to a mind-blowing number of support calls, actions and implementations.

So what are the real benefits of outsourcing your IT support?

Response Speed And Resolution

The key function of any IT support desk is a swift response and resolution. At Taylored Solutions, we recognise that this part of the service is fundamental.

All businesses need a fast solution, in many cases “time is money“ if the tech is not performing as it should. Most businesses who outsource IT require a 24/7 support provider, and it is always easier to solve problems if there are remote access tools in place.

One area that an outsourced IT support provider can deliver a higher level of service is 24/7 monitoring. Coupled with remote access this means that problems that occur out of office hours can be swiftly resolved, and often staff will not even be aware there was a problem.

They can also handle upgrades and application changes, out of hours and monitor progress so that once again “staff will not suffer from loss or degradation of the system”.

Controlling Costs

Controlling IT costs in-house can be tricky, and a major part of those costs will be labour. Companies with in-house IT can pay hefty salaries, with staff often being on training courses and even then “qualifications don’t’ always reflect experience”.

Efficiency is a significant factor in reducing IT support costs, and with outsourcing, you will have a fixed monthly payment and budget consultations when new technology is implemented, plus a large pool of experienced experts to call upon, 24/7.

Compliance is another major cost factor, which can get overlooked. Keeping your firewall up to date, auditing workstations, implementing security and data protection standards, all take-up resources for an in-house team. And you meet the costs.

Due diligence and compliance are part of Taylored Solutions’ daily routine, and we ensure our customers meet the required standards and legislation.

Consultation And Hardware

A new IT set up or change of hardware can be a testing time for businesses as it could cause an initial drop in productivity.

A professional outsource IT partner like Taylored Solutions will offer consultancy services on your immediate requirements and future strategies.

They can offer a broader range of services than an in-house team to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, and work with customers to have the bugs ironed out before you go live.

Outsourcing to fully trained and highly experienced IT Partners means you can remain focused on your core business objectives and the day-to-day operation, reducing the risk of loss of revenue.

There is also the opportunity for cost savings, as many reputable IT support businesses will have several hardware and software suppliers they partner with, enabling them to often source exactly what your project requires at favourable prices.

The Wrap-Up - Benefits Of Outsourcing IT

We hope this has helped you along the decision-making process to outsource your IT support. In partnership with N4networx IT Support Services, we deliver tailored IT support services to suit your requirements, 24/7.

Trust Taylored Solutions.