Why Cloud Telephony Makes Sense

The debate has raged for some years as to the pros and cons for businesses of using a hosted cloud based phone system or sticking with a traditional on-premise fully installed option.

It can be a dilemma , but our handy blog will take you through the key information to enable you to make a decision with ease.

What Is On Premises Versus Cloud?

The first thing you need to know are the basic differences between the two systems.

So let’s deal with an on premises system first. These are traditional phone systems that incorporate both hardware and software elements that live inside a customers premises.

Most systems consist of components and common equipment such as central processing units, the servers and phone system cabinets that house the exchange hardware. You would typically buy and own all equipment, including appliances, servers, interface cards.

Large systems can be cumbersome and a separate room could be required. They can generate heat, so additional cooling is another possible added cost.

The option is a hosted or cloud based system. As a space saver it’s hard to beat, as the hardware and software occupy no space within your premises. Telephony service providers such as Taylored Solutions partner with providers who have all the necessary software and hardware, featuring the latest technologies.

These systems are also sometimes called VOIP phone systems or hosted and cloud PBX

Normally with a hosted system, the only physical equipment you should need to  purchase or rent are desk phones.

Why Are Cloud Systems Overtaking Premises System Installations?

With the implementation of a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud, featuring a range of the latest call management technologies, businesses benefit from flexibility options, while maintaining the functionality of an office based system.

Throughout 2020/21 more people than ever we’re working from home, and a cloud based system allows you and your staff to work from anywhere via internet access.

A premium provider like Taylored Solutions will ensure that upgrades and maintenance are carried out automatically, without disruption or expensive call outs to site.

A cloud based system allows for almost instant scalability, so a new department or sales team can be added to the system and up and running very quickly, without waiting for an on-site installation team to arrive.

Multiple offices and remote users have the same accessibility as if the system is installed at their location, with none of the disruption or installation costs.

A further area to consider is payment. A traditional on premise system will almost always require payment in full upfront and there can be delays waiting for hardware items to be delivered. Hosted systems definitely meet the budget friendly criteria “particularly for startups” as the system is fully up and running swiftly, for an easy to manage monthly payment.

A cloud system also ensures that IT staff can focus on the businesses operating systems and internal IT needs, rather than time being taken up with the phone system.

The Wrap Up - Why Cloud Telephone Makes Sense

It’s easy to see what there is such a worldwide growth in hosted telephone systems when you consider the flexibility, easy implementation and scalability as the business grows.

Plus remote access for those critical times when staff can be forced to work from home as with the recent pandemic.

Taylored Solutions offer a range of options and consultation services for your next generation phone system.

Make the right choice for your business and your strategic plans.