5 Tips For Keeping Energy Costs Down

In 2020 the industry regulator Ofgem stated that the average UK household spent over £1250 per year on heating and power. For commercial premises, these figures are substantially higher and make an impact on businesses profits.

Therefore it makes sense to save energy where possible, as just a few simple changes will cut down “energy costs”.

At Taylored Solutions, a fundamental part of our service is to reduce your energy costs.

Read on for some handy tips on keeping your energy costs down.

Top Tips

1: Install a smart thermostat

For many businesses this is a crucial strategy, why do you need to heat those unoccupied offices or meeting rooms?. A smart thermostatic control system allows you to use energy only where it is needed and in a controlled fashion.

The simple installation of programmers and thermostatic radiator valves will save you hundreds of pounds per month on energy costs.

2: Implement a bespoke energy plan.

Finding the right energy supplier and getting a great deal on tariffs, can save businesses thousands of pounds over the year, but it’s not always a simple task.

Having a professional energy consultant working on your behalf means that you will get the best deal for your requirements and they take away all of the negotiation hassles

At Taylored Solutions, we use our expertise and industry contacts along with experienced market knowledge to obtain a great deal that keeps your energy costs as low as possible.

Every little helps

A combination of small measures can also have a big impact on businesses energy costs.

3: Staff training

It might sound a simple one, but it can take time to get staff on board with the importance of reducing energy costs. A few simple memos and instructions to departmental managers to ensure that all systems and appliances are turned off at source at the end of each day. Last one out, turn the lights off.

Ensure that only the equipment required for use that day is switched on. (Don’t turn on the copiers and coffee makers in the sales dept, if they are all out on customer visits)

4: Change to energy-saving light bulbs

Another simple strategy that many businesses don’t take action on and it really is worth the effort. Depending on the size of your commercial premise and the number of lights, just changing out lightbulbs can save up to 10% on electricity usage.

5: Monitor your usage

Yes, it can take time, but there are tools on the market that can help with monitoring your energy consumption. The simple installation of a smart metre helps you track your energy usage with real-time information that is accurate and easy to understand.

In the UK there are currently more than 21 million smart metre installations in use. But they are not all suitable for every supplier. Taylored Solutions will carry out checks and advise if your current smart metre works with a new energy provider.

The Wrap Up - How To Keep Energy Costs Down

You can now start reducing your energy bills and costs with some of our handy tips. But for finding a cheaper supplier tariff, professional help is at hand.

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