Technology in the telephony industry continues to advance at a startling pace and VOIP (Voice over IP telephones) are fast becoming the new normal for businesses and government departments to manage their voice communications.

However, everyone is looking to reduce costs and get the phone bill down, and one area that can deliver significant results is SIP trunking with a cloud provider.

In this blog, our team at Taylored Solutions will help answer some questions and explain how businesses can benefit from implementing this new communications technology.

What Is A SIP Service Provider

A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) provider offers the technology and services required for establishing and conducting a VOIP call.

For the technically minded if you think of SMTP as the de facto for email, then SIP is a similar standardised protocol for VOIP calls.

It’s a technological marriage, really. We bring together two endpoints to connect to one another and allow two phones to share the common guidelines and instructions needed for the call to be facilitated.

A major benefit of SIP is that in the future it may well do away with the need for phone numbers (slightly mind blowing for some). So imagine a business system, where your email address could be dialled from a phone?

Think how easy it would be to run through your sales CRM or connect with other departments by phone, simply using their email address.

You will have read in our previous blog Cloud Telephony makes sense,  (If you have not already read it, you should) about the pros and cons of cloud telephony, the pros are being highlighted even more in 2021, don’t get left behind.

SIP Trunking quick overview

Despite the term there is no actual physical trunking associated with SIP, so forget the visions of old school cumbersome technology.

The trunking term is where some confusion has arisen. It’s still simply a set of protocols that are delivered via your SIP provider (someone like Taylored Solutions) enabling your businesses or corporation to enjoy the benefits of a cloud based phone system.


Your organisation benefits from the functionality of an office based phone system, with so much more flexibility to deliver many more benefits, via cloud based management.

Benefits Of A SIP Phone System

Probably too many to list, but we will touch on the key areas of benefit.

  • A rare opportunity for businesses to receive an Instant return on investment (ROI)
  • The system offers the opportunity to grow and scale on a global basis
  • Mobile employee communications, whether they are on the road or working at home.
  • A minimal initial investment, with a good ROI
  • Communication systems that are globally consolidated
  • Recurring cost savings, with increased service options.

So what’s not to like?

If you are in Belfast, Derry, Bangor, Lisburn or Armagh, Taylored Solutions cloud based telephone services are the perfect solution for low cost, flexible voice calls.

The Wrap

It’s the future and takes global communication for businesses to the next level. Your staff can utilise all the features from any location on the planet with internet access.

No maintenance or upgrade costs, as the provider automatically implements those, and with no site visits.

For all the features of an on-premises system, without the costs, maintenance, and geographical headaches of hosting.

Taylored Solutions in Northern Ireland, have the solution’s.