Choosing The Right Merchant Service Provider

Choosing the right merchant service provider for your business is a big decision, and you need to make sure it’s carefully handled and your chosen provider will meet all of your requirements.

This is where Taylored Solutions can help with a professional merchant services solution that meets your requirements.

Let us do the hard work.

Round The Clock Support

Once we have provided you with an affordable professional solution to your payment needs, we don’t stop there.

We understand that not all businesses work the same hours and certainly your customers may choose to make payments at odd hours, so you will need to be able to take payments every day of the week.

That’s why Taylored Solutions offers our merchant services partners 7 days a week support to answer questions or lend assistance with transactions

Drive Business Growth

A Guardian article 3 years ago delivered some interesting statistics. They stated that In 2006 almost 62% of payments in the UK were made using cash. However, by 2016 that figure had fallen to 40%.

Experts predict that by 2026 cash will be used for as little as  21% of UK purchases.

So with cards far outperforming cash for UK payments, so now is the time to make sure you’re on board with a professional merchant service provider.

You will want to increase profits and efficiency and ensure that all paying customers have a facility to buy goods and services.

Taylored Solutions in Northern Ireland deliver fast track electronic applications and modern analytics with high levels of security.

Giving you and your customer peace of mind.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Don’t pay huge fees for merchant provider set up, fees and refunds. If you’re looking to switch providers or starting to take payments for the first time, Tailored Solutions save you money as well as delivering a premium service.

It’s easy to be lured by promises made just so a provider can secure your business.

We maintain and support your business through the process and with no minimum monthly charges or additional refund fees, you will swiftly boost sales and turnover, with minimal additional expenses. Take you business profit margins to the next level.

We have a strong ethos of supporting our customers. Having the right help when you need it can be a money saver.

What Makes Taylored Solutions Different?

When choosing the right Merchant Service provider, experience, expertise and quality customer service counts for a lot.

Taylored solutions deliver transaction funds into your account “Next Day” unlike some other providers where businesses can experience waiting times of up to 3 -5 days for the funds to be available for use in your account, having a negative effect on your cash flow..

We offer the latest technologies that include contactless payment via android or apple point to point, with secure safeguards for you and your customers

And should a customer require a refund, “we apply no fees”

There is an excellent reason why Taylored Solutions NI are the UK’s number one Merchant Services provider.

Talk to us today.